Dahlia Crazy Love

It is difficult to choose your variety from all the splendor of dahlias. In order not to be disappointed, you need to pay attention to the varietal characteristics of these luxurious flowers.


The Crazy Loving variety is perfect for growing in Russia. Despite the fact that Crazy Lava dahlia tubers need shelter during the cold period, the variety perfectly tolerates temperature fluctuations, cold winds and prolonged absence of bright sunlight.

The main advantages of the variety:

  • Long flowering;
  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • High decorative effect of the bush;
  • Resistance to fungal attack;
  • Versatility of use.

The Crazy Loving dahlia blooms from mid-summer until the first frost. The bloom is very abundant and bright.

Dahlia bushes of this variety do not need a garter, the stems and flowers are strong enough to withstand heavy rainfall.


Crazy Loving is produced in the Netherlands. Refers to decorative dahlias.

Terry flower, up to 15 cm in size. Petals are wide, flat, with a pointed tip. They are snow-white in color with a thin pink border.

The bush is powerful, spreading, up to 90 cm high. Resistant to adverse weather factors. Does not require a garter, pinching is desirable.

The variety is suitable for growing as a tapeworm, in a multi-flowered flower bed, border. It is also possible to grow cut flowers.


Dahlias require a sunny location. In shaded areas, flower stalks are stretched, inflorescences are formed small, often deformed.

It is advisable to prepare the soil for planting dahlias in advance. In the fall, the soil is dug up, a complex of fertilizers, humus and sand are introduced.

In order to get the size of flowers corresponding to the declared variety, it is necessary to pinch. Dahlia stems break off about 15 cm above the ground. After pinching, dahlia bushes turn out to be more spreading, the number of flowering stems increases.

Important! If you do not remove excess shoots, the dahlia bush turns out to be more powerful, but the growth of green mass occurs due to the flowers. The inflorescences become smaller, the color is paler.

Sucking insects such as aphids and various types of sucking mites can cause great harm to dahlias. Insecticide treatment is necessary during intensive growth and flowering.

Important! If Crazy Loving dahlia flowers are grown for cut, insecticides with low toxicity should be selected.

During growth and flowering, Crazy Loving dahlias require an increased amount of minerals. In conditions of nutrient deficiency, flowers grow small, often do not correspond to the varietal description.

For the winter, the tubers are dug up and sent to a room where the temperature does not drop below zero and does not rise above 10 degrees Celsius. If the temperature rises higher, the tubers will wake up and begin to grow, if they go lower, the tubers may freeze.

Advice! You can not make a lot of nitrogen fertilizers during the cultivation of dahlias.

Overfed with nitrogen, tubers lose their ability to resist fungal infections and are poorly stored.


Varietal dahlias "Crazy catch" reproduce exclusively vegetatively. The seeds are either sterile or do not repeat the varietal characteristics.

Reproduction of the variety is possible by dividing the tuber or cuttings. The division of tubers is carried out in early spring, when the tubers are just beginning to wake up. The tubers are cut with a clean, sharp knife. For each cut, it is advisable to leave at least 3 buds so that the plant can grow a powerful bush.

Important! Rotting tubers cannot be divided. It is impossible to get healthy offspring from them.

For grafting varieties, sprouts are germinated in peat or calcined sand. To obtain healthy planting material, it is advisable to supplement the tubers. The number of light hours should be at least 14.

Cut cuttings of the "Crazylove" variety are germinated in peat or other suitable substrate; it is necessary to treat the soil with fungicides to avoid infection with fungal and bacterial infections.

Important! During grafting, it is necessary to capture part of the tuber, grafting only the stem is meaningless, it is not able to form roots.

It is necessary to plant young plants in the ground carefully, dahlias should get used to changing temperatures and bright sunlight.

Growing dahlias can be a real pleasure, choosing a variety that is suitable for growing on your site, most growers continue to grow it for many years.

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