The best varieties of zucchini for open ground

Zucchini is a unique vegetable that is widely used in cooking. It is boiled, fried, canned, used to prepare vegetable caviar, consumed raw. It grows in almost every vegetable garden, however, few people know that distant Mexico is its homeland. It turned out to be quite simple to grow it in our latitudes, and even open ground conditions are perfect for this. Modern breeding offers a wide selection of unpretentious crops, among which one can single out the best varieties of zucchini for open ground, which are distinguished by excellent taste, increased productivity, and a unique appearance of the fruit.

The most popular varieties

The most important task on the way to obtaining a rich harvest is the selection of seeds. So, only in one store can be presented more than 100 different varieties of zucchini, which are intended for open ground and have approximately the same picture on the package. And how can one not get confused in this situation? For experienced gardeners, the choice of a variety has long been formed by many years of practice, but for beginners it is not easy. But there is one great way out: you can rely on the opinion of professionals. So, below we will try to give the TOP-5 of the most popular varieties for growing outdoors.

Cavili F1

Hybrid representative of the Dutch selection. Perfect for outdoor cultivation. The plant is self-pollinated, which allows it to bear fruit successfully, regardless of weather conditions. Zucchini is resistant to common diseases and overripe fruit.

Early marrow variety - the harvest ripens 40 days after seed germination. The best time for sowing is May-June. It is worth noting that the manufacturer of this variety provides for the industrial processing of seeds with thiram, so it is not recommended to soak them before sowing.

Zucchini of the Cavili variety are colored light green, their shape is cylindrical, the length does not exceed 22 cm.The average weight of the fruit is 350 g. It is especially popular with novice gardeners and professional farmers due to its high, stable yield up to 9 kg / m2 and excellent fruit taste.

Iskander F1

It is also a Dutch hybrid. It is especially popular with professionals, as it has a record yield of up to 15 kg / m2... At the same time, the taste of the fruit is amazing: the pulp is tender, tasty, juicy, the skin is thin, waxy.

Light green squash ripens 40-45 days after germination.

The variety is quite resistant to low temperatures and can be sown outdoors in April, which allows for an early harvest.

The size of the fruit is small: length up to 20 cm, weight up to 600 g. The bush is compact, erect. An example of its formation can be seen in the photo.

Ardendo 174 F1

Another Dutch hybrid that deserves special attention. A small, compact bush plant capable of producing zucchini in a volume of up to 14 kg / m2... At the same time, the taste of the vegetable is excellent: the light green pulp is sweet, juicy, tender. The outer color of the fruit is also light green with a dotted pattern. The shape of the squash is clavate. The average weight of one vegetable is 600 g. The early ripening variety: from the day of sowing the seed to the ripening of the fruit, no more than 45 days pass. The best time to sow is May.

It is worth noting that zucchini of this variety perfectly tolerate both high and low temperatures, however, they are especially demanding for regular abundant watering, loosening, and top dressing.

Aral F1

The hybrid allows you to get a harvest of early zucchini, as it is resistant to frost. The seeds can be planted in the ground at the end of May. The ripening period of the fruit does not exceed 45 days from the date of seed germination.

Zucchini are cylindrical in shape and are light green in color. The average weight of a vegetable reaches 800 g. The pulp is quite dense with a high content of dry matter and sugar, which makes it taste great for fresh consumption.

The bush of the plant is small, compact, however, it has a good yield up to 10 kg / m2... At the same time, the culture is especially demanding for watering.


A high-yielding, early ripening variety of zucchini familiar to many gardeners. It is perfectly suited for growing in open areas.

A bushy, slightly branched plant pleases the owners with vegetables already 45 days after sowing the seed. Moreover, the volume of the harvest is significant and reaches 12 kg / m2.

It is recommended to sow seeds of this variety in open ground in May; in this case, the harvest will take place in June-August. Tsukesh fruits are dark green with small light specks. Their average length is 30 cm, weight is up to 1 kg. The peculiarity of the variety lies in the unique taste of the pulp: it is very crispy, tender, juicy with a sweetish aftertaste.

The listed varieties are the best for most gardeners. They are perfectly adapted to middle latitudes and in practice confirm the high yield figures declared by the manufacturer. The taste of these varieties is also excellent.

Zucchini - record holders

For most professional farmers, the answer to the question of which variety of zucchini is the best is unambiguous - the highest yielding. So, according to the reviews of experienced farmers, the following varieties are considered the record holders in yield:


Mid-season variety. It takes just over 60 days for its fruits to ripen after sowing. It is grown mainly in the open field, it is recommended to sow seeds in May-June.

The plant is massive, spreading. With careful care, it bears fruit at a rate of 22 kg / m2, which makes it a real record holder in yield.

The fruits of the variety are pale green, with characteristic stripes. The length of the vegetable does not exceed 30 cm, weight is up to 1500 g. The flesh of the fruit is white, tender. With a high dry matter content.


Hybrid, the yield of which reaches 19 kg / m2... Early zucchini ripens 40-45 days after sowing the seed. A sufficient level of cold resistance allows sowing seeds in the month of April and, accordingly, getting an early harvest.

The fruits of this variety are greenish-white and weigh about 1 kg. It is worth noting that the flesh of the zucchini is quite dense, the vegetable, which is not juicy in its raw form, is not used.

Black handsome

The variety is valued not only for its high yield up to 20 kg / m2but also because of the excellent appearance of the vegetable.

Its dark green skin has a glossy surface. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical and perfectly flat. Zucchini length up to 20 cm, weight up to 1 kg.

The variety is early ripe, the first fruits delight within 40 days after sowing the seed. In general, the fruiting period is long: from May to August.

Special varieties

Not for every gardener, a high yield of zucchini is the main criterion for choosing a variety. Many owners like to experiment and get not only a gustatory pleasure from the harvest, but also an aesthetic one. For such gourmets, nature itself has presented the most beautiful and delicious varieties of zucchini:

Gold Rush F1

I would like to note right away that these zucchini of a bright orange, sunny color are recommended for consumption raw. They have the most delicate, crunchy, sweetish flesh of a creamy white color.

The skin is thin and does not coarse upon reaching the point of ripening. The vegetable itself is cylindrical in shape, does not exceed 20 cm in length, weighs about 200 g.

The hybrid is a representative of the Dutch selection, however, it perfectly took root in open beds in our latitudes. Powerful, bushy plant with a yield of up to 12 kg / m2... Sowing seeds of this variety is recommended in May.

White Swan

An early ripe variety of white zucchini. It takes less than 50 days for the fruit to ripen from the day the seed is sown. The plant is compact, bushy, bears fruit in a volume of up to 9 kg / m2... Perfectly adapted to outdoor conditions. The best month to plant seeds is May.

The shape of the fruit of this variety is cylindrical, smooth. Its pulp is dense, juicy, tender, the skin is thin. Such a zucchini weighs up to 800 g. It is not consumed raw, it is suitable for cooking culinary dishes.


An ultra-early ripening variety that takes less than 40 days to ripen from the moment the seed is sown. Its distinctive feature is the black-green color of the peel.

It is worth noting that the pulp of such a zucchini also has a green color, but at the same time it is juicy and tasty, it is consumed raw. The average weight of such a zucchini reaches 900g.

The plant itself is quite compact, it mainly forms female flowers, which allows you to get a yield from one bush up to 10 kg. Sowing seeds in open ground is recommended in May-June.


At the first acquaintance of a person with zucchini, the pulp was not eaten, and only the seeds located inside were of value. Now the situation is different, in cooking, the vegetable is cleared of seeds, which reduces the consumed volume of the fruit. At the same time, there are varieties with a minimum seed content, a prominent representative among them is "Pear-shaped".

The fruits of this squash are shaped like the name. Their length reaches 23 cm, weight up to 1300 g. The skin of the squash is very thin, colored yellow. The pulp is orange, has an amazing aroma and juiciness, is used fresh.

It is necessary to sow seeds of this variety in May, the fruits ripen in 40-50 days.

Boatswain F1

This variety is a clear confirmation that the squash belongs to the pumpkin family. Its fruits are round in shape, weigh about 1.5 kg, ripen 45 days after sowing the seed. The crop is perfectly adapted to open field conditions and is capable of producing a yield of up to 10 kg / m2... Sowing seeds of this variety is recommended in May.

The zucchini tastes excellent: it contains a large amount of dry matter and sugar, which allows it to be consumed raw.


Among the wide variety, it is difficult to single out the best variety of zucchini seeds for open ground. After all, every gardener "relies" on a certain characteristic of the variety, be it high yield, excellent taste or amazing appearance. Not a single variety of zucchini can fully combine these qualities, so the question of which variety is better will always remain relevant.

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Reviews of gardeners

Ulyana Timiryazeva, 52 years old, Vyazma

My favorite variety of zucchini Iskander. I have been planting it for many years, never let it down: always a rich harvest, the taste of zucchini is wonderful. I advise everyone.

Kachan Vladimir, 55 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

On the advice of a neighbor, I planted the Gold Rush variety. The seeds turned out to be 100% viable, the zucchini ripened quickly, the taste of vegetables is excellent: the flesh is tender, sweet, the skin of the zucchini is thin. The harvest also pleased with the scale: it was enough to eat in the season and roll up for the winter. Now this zucchini will be a permanent "resident" of my garden.

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