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Fungicide Soligor

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The fungicide Soligor belongs to the new generation plant protection products. It belongs to the group of drugs of systemic action and is effective against many fungal pathologies of cereals. The presence of three active components in its composition prevents the emergence of resistance to the fungicide.

Fungicide manufacturer Soligor - Bayer has long been known in Russia as the largest supplier of plant and animal protection products, as well as medical products. Many innovative products of the company have earned the trust of Russian farmers, one of which is Soligor.

Danger of fungi

High productivity of grain crops can only be ensured by their effective protection from diseases. Fungal diseases of cereals are among the most common. Farmers lose more than a third of their crops every year. The most dangerous are the varieties of rust, among which the brown form stands out in terms of frequency of occurrence. Powdery mildew does a lot of harm - it is insidious in that it does not immediately manifest itself, being located in the lower tiers. Of the various types of spotting, pyrenophorosis has been especially widespread throughout the world in recent years.

Pathogenic fungal microflora also penetrates underground parts of plants, causing root rot. Fungal pathologies of cereals are characterized by a high spreading rate. Rust is even called a disease without borders, as it is carried over long distances by air currents. Some types of diseases can be fought in several ways:

  • competent alternation of crops in crop rotation;
  • timely processing of the land;
  • pre-sowing processing of seed material;
  • the correct timing of sowing seeds.

However, many fungal infections require chemical methods. Fungicides of systemic action, to the class of which the drug Soligor belongs, reduce the risk of spreading fungal infections to a minimum and significantly reduce their level.

Mechanism of action

Unlike preparations of contact action, systemic fungicides, to which Soligor belongs, have the ability to move and distribute in plant tissues. As the plant grows, the active substance of the drug moves through its tissues, providing a long-term protective effect. The full activation of the active substances takes up to 5-6 days, but their effectiveness continues for several weeks.

At the same time, the fungicide Soligor protects not only the treated leaves and stems of cereals from fungal infections, but also the emerging shoots. Due to the rapid absorption of the drug by the tissues of the plant, weather conditions do not have a particular effect on it. Fungicide Soligor has many advantages:

  • it quickly penetrates the tissues of the cereal;
  • protects the ear from weathering processes;
  • protects the root system and the resulting growth from pathogens;
  • differs in economical solution consumption;
  • the drug Soligor has a therapeutic effect on harmful microorganisms that have already invaded plant tissues;
  • shows long-term residual activity;
  • counteracts mixed infections;
  • does not require numerous treatments;
  • fungicide Soligor is effective even at low temperatures;
  • treatment with the drug can be used in the period from the appearance of two leaves until the end of the flowering of the ear

Important! The last spraying with Soligor fungicide should be carried out 20 days before harvesting grain.

Active components

The active substances that make up Soligor have a combined effect.

Spiroxamine ensures the penetration of the active components of the fungicide into the fungus through the cell membrane, preventing the formation of mycelium. By blocking isomerization processes, it slows down the formation of fungicide-resistant Soligor populations of fungi. It has a healing effect.

Tebuconazole inhibits metabolic processes in the cells of the fungus. By destroying the infection in the early stages, it promotes better rooting and growth of cereals. Protects cultures from new infections for a long time.

Prothioconazole promotes effective root development, which provides:

  • higher availability of moisture and nutrients to plants;
  • vigorous seedlings and good bushiness of cereals;
  • resistance to lack of moisture during dry periods;
  • best grain performance.

Application of the drug

Fungicide Soligor instructions for use recommend using the spray method. Its consumption amount is calculated depending on the degree of damage to plants by the fungus:

  • the consumption rate of 0.6 liters per hectare is considered sufficient for prophylactic spraying with an average severity of infection during the growing season;
  • with severe fungal infection and at a late stage of plant development, the consumption rate of the Soligor preparation is increased to 0.8 liters per hectare.

If you adhere to the recommended consumption rates, the Soligor fungicide can be combined:

  • with growth regulators;
  • liquid forms of fertilizers;
  • other fungicides of systemic or contact action.

Important! In any case, each specific case of combining drugs requires a test.

Spraying rules

The drug Soligor is produced in the form of an emulsion concentrate and is supplied to trading platforms in 5-liter canisters. Its shelf life is two years. The preparation of the working solution requires careful adherence to the dosages indicated in the instructions. The procedure itself should be carried out within a time frame that is determined by the average values ​​of the period of occurrence of certain diseases, calculated based on the results of long-term observations.

It is better to carry out treatment with Soligor in the early morning or in the evening and use fine sprayers. They are good in that they reduce the droplet size of the working solution by almost one and a half times, due to which the coverage area increases and the drug consumption decreases. The sprayers are mounted on a tractor that moves at a speed of up to 8 km / h.

Soligor is considered safe for bees and beneficial insects. However, for humans and fish, it is toxic, the hazard class is:

  • for a person - 2;
  • for bees - 3.

When working with it, you must observe the following precautions:

  • during the preparation of the solution and spraying, you need to use overalls, rubber gloves and boots, a mask;
  • it is forbidden to pour the remains of the working solution into water bodies;
  • after working with Soligor, you need to wash your face and hands with soapy water.

It is also worth remembering that treating a disease is always more difficult than preventing it. Therefore, prevention of fungal infections is especially important.

Farmers reviews

Fungicide Soligor today occupies a leading position in the fight against diseases of winter crops. Russian farmers also appreciated its effectiveness, as evidenced by their feedback.

Ermolaeva Ekaterina, 48 years old, Yaroslavl

We have been using Bayer fungicides on our farm for several years now. They are highly effective against numerous diseases of wheat and barley. The innovative preparation Soligor is characterized by an almost instant effect, protecting winter crops from the most dangerous fungi. The advantage of the fungicide is the lack of resistance.

Yachmenkin Igor, 45 years old, Vladimir

Last year, wheat crops were struck by brown rust, an insidious fungal disease. At the first signs of a lesion, he treated him with Soligor. I got an excellent result - healthy plants and a high yield. This year, I did not wait for the appearance of fungi, but carried out preventive spraying in the spring. The effectiveness of the drug was just as high.

Kurochkina Svetlana, 54 years old, Astrakhan

When processing a plot with grain preparation Soligor, the plants give powerful roots and stems, and the ear becomes larger and more bushy. When spraying, we spray the solution onto the soil under the plants to prevent root rot. The product also helps in weed control.

Kalinkin Mikhail, 63 years old, Pyatigorsk

When cold, wet springs fall, wheat and barley need to be treated with Soligor fungicide, as they are often affected by powdery mildew. Moreover, one spraying is enough to the very heading, since the drug has a prolonged effect. Soligor allows you to save on other pesticides.


Fungicide Soligor is a highly effective remedy. With the correct dosage and timing of processing, it will promote healthy plant growth and excellent cereal yields.

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