Low-growing tomatoes that do not require pinching

Low-growing tomatoes that do not require pinching

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Growing tomatoes is a rather complicated process, so many people want to make it easier. Some summer residents prefer to buy ready-made seedlings for planting, someone chooses early varieties. In some cases, low-growing tomatoes do not need to be pinned or tied up. What kind of varieties are we talking about? Let's talk in more detail.

Grassing tomatoes

The pinching process controls the growth of the plant. As a rule, tomatoes grow a lot if they have enough food and sun.

Important! Grasshopping is the removal of excess shoots that form from each leaf axil.

The stepson is a minor escape. They usually do not appear until the flowering process. To find a minor stem, you need to carefully examine the plant. The stepson grows immediately under the first flower cluster. It should be removed so that the plant gives off as much fruit as possible.

If this is not done, the plant will greatly overgrow, giving a large amount of energy to the growth of shoots, and not to flowering and fruit formation. For tall varieties of tomatoes, this is a real problem.

The stepsons are removed small, only then the plant will not hurt after this procedure. In order not to create risks of infection, it is best to remove shoots on a warm sunny day. So, the wounds will dry out faster. It should be noted that this process requires both strength and time from the gardener. That is why early low-growing tomatoes that do not require pinching are so popular today. Note that all varieties of tomatoes can be divided into:

  • determinant;
  • indeterminate.

Determinant tomatoes stop their growth after the formation of four to five brushes, but the second species grows constantly. Since a tomato in ideal form is stepson twice a week, more and more summer residents are paying attention to undersized (determinant) varieties and hybrids. Some of them do not require not only the removal of the stepsons, but also the traditional tying.

Below is a detailed video about pinning:

Most often tomatoes and cucumbers are grown in Russia. These are the vegetables, without which not a single feast is complete. As soon as spring comes, all summer residents start looking for seeds to grow. First of all, they should be interested in information about the variety or hybrid, which is indicated on the package:

  • ripening rate;
  • yield;
  • disease resistance;
  • taste qualities.

As for tomatoes, it is also important to pay attention to the size of the bush in relation to the choice of their variety. Earlier we described two terms in detail, and they can be indicated on the package instead of the words "tall" and "short".

Low-growing varieties that do not require pinching

Some determinant varieties require pinching, you need to remember this and not hope that if the variety is undersized, then you can plant it and forget it until harvesting.

We will describe only those varieties, during the cultivation of which this procedure can be avoided. They will be short and intended for outdoor cultivation.

Advice! If the package with tomato seeds does not say anything about the need to pinch the plants, pay attention to the standard varieties.


Tomato that can be eaten fresh. Good taste, tomatoes are well kept. In the open field, it ripens in just 85-90 days, while the yield reaches 6.2 kilograms per square meter. This tomato is one of the smallest, the bush reaches a height of only 40-50 centimeters. The plant is not susceptible to late blight due to early maturity. The fruits themselves are small, red, round in shape.


Low-growing tomato varieties such as Bakhtemir bear fruit very well. Due to the fact that the stems grow inactively, and after that they stop growing altogether, the bush turns out to be completely covered with fruits weighing up to 80 grams. The variety is medium early and ripens in 121 days. Good taste, tomatoes can be stored for a long time and are transported over long distances. Plant height is approximately 45-50 centimeters.

Brawler yellow

The seeds of this variety are quite popular, and both the red tomato and the yellow one. Let's talk about the second one. The standard bush does not exceed 50 centimeters in height. "Buyan" perfectly tolerates short-term temperature changes and can be grown outdoors without risk. The fruits are small on a branch, the color is very beautiful, bright yellow, the taste is excellent, with sourness. This allows tomatoes to be used for both salads and canning. The ripening period is 115 days.


This variety is famous for its small red fruits with excellent taste. From the beginning of the emergence of the first shoots to ripening, only 90 days pass. The Vershok variety is resistant to TMV, fusarium and cladospirosis. Standard bushes, reach a height of 50-60 centimeters. Most often, fresh tomatoes are consumed, since they are very tasty. Since this is a mini-tomato, the high yield of the variety will not give more than 2.8 kilograms per square meter.


Tomatoes of the "Gavroche" variety are small (up to 50 grams), and the bushes are undersized without pinching. Ripening occurs very quickly, in just 80-85 days.

The fruits are of excellent quality, the plant itself is resistant to late blight and never gets sick with it. The yield is average, the variety is valued precisely for its good keeping quality and excellent taste.

Cheerful gnome

This variety is represented by larger, elongated cylindrical fruits. The color of vegetables is red, they are dense and well stored. They look very unusual in appearance, as can be seen from the photo, of the few tomatoes that do not require pinching, they are considered one of the most unpretentious.

Ripen in about 105 days, the bush itself does not exceed half a meter in height. The variety was bred specifically for growing in Russia in the open field, small temperature drops are not afraid of it. The yield reaches 5.4 kilograms per square meter.


A variety with an unusual name is represented by medium-sized red fruits. Its yield is average, ranging from 5 to 5.5 kilograms per square meter. The bush is standard, but you will have to tie it up. The use of the fruits is universal, they are quite tasty, from the moment the first shoots appear to ripening, 110-120 days pass. Ideal for outdoor cultivation.

Far North

Many varieties are bred specifically for cultivation in central Russia, where summer temperatures are rather unstable. "Far North" - these are undersized tomatoes for open ground without pinching. The bush reaches a height of 45-60 centimeters, sometimes it does not even require tying. Tomatoes are small in size, round red in color, taste has earned a rating of "five", are used for canning and salads. It ripens very amicably, in 105 days, yielding a crop before a cold snap and infection with late blight. Resistant to top and root rot. It can be grown both in the south and in the north of the country.


A variety with a low yield, but ripening in 78 days. At the same time, this does not affect the quality and taste of tomatoes. They turn out to be fleshy and very tasty, aromatic. The color of the tomatoes is scarlet.

It is grown successfully in the open field, the plant is undersized, the seeds can be planted even later than others. The variety is picky about the introduction of mineral fertilizers, it reacts well to them.

Little Prince

This tomato can be considered a dwarf one, some housewives plant seeds directly in pots and wait for the harvest. The bush is small in size, only 40-45 centimeters high, therefore it does not require any pinching or a garter. The ripening period does not exceed 95 days, while the yield for such a baby is very high. Up to 5 kilograms of excellent quality tomatoes can be easily harvested from a square meter.

Rose of Wind

Low-growing tomatoes "Wind Rose" are intended just for open ground. The harvest finally ripens on the 105th day and is famous for its friendliness, excellent taste. The fruits are tasty, fleshy, beautiful pink color. The bush itself does not need pinching, it barely reaches half a meter in height.

The commercial and taste qualities of the "Vetrov Rose" variety are excellent, tomatoes are used for making sauces, for salads, and canned.


This is the first hybrid on our list, which is why it gives a large yield when compared to varietal tomatoes.

You need to pay attention to this. Hurricane tomatoes ripen in 90-110 days and have excellent taste. On one brush, 6-8 medium-sized fruits (about 80-90 grams) are tied, under the weight of which the plant can lean to the ground. The hybrid gives a friendly harvest, from one square meter a gardener can harvest up to 10 kilograms of tomatoes.

It is not necessary to grow the plant, it is a standard bush, new branches are rarely formed. The hybrid is resistant to late blight.


For those gardeners who decide to demand unpretentiousness from their tomatoes, it is important to note that they will have to sacrifice some important qualities.

Most of the undersized tomatoes are small in size, which affects the yield. If a medium-sized bush gives 8-10 kilograms of tomatoes per square meter, then small fruits will yield 2-5 kilograms. Some housewives prefer fleshy and large tomatoes. Among those presented above there are fleshy ones, but there are no large ones at all.

Sometimes it takes place to grow 2-3 varieties at once on the site and at the end of the season choose the one that you like the most. Growing tomatoes is not a process for the lazy, you need to ensure timely watering, top dressing and give the best corners of the garden for tomatoes.

Watch the video: Pinching Out Tomato Side Shoots: Looking after your growing Tomatoes (February 2023).

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