How to treat strawberries from a weevil: in spring, summer, autumn

You can fight a weevil on strawberries with folk remedies, biological and chemical preparations. As a preventive measure, the usual agrotechnical methods are used - adherence to crop rotation, cultivation using agrofibre, careful weeding and loosening. Preventing the appearance of a pest is easier than getting rid of it. Therefore, preventive measures should be followed.

What does a weevil look like on a strawberry

The weevil is a dangerous pest insect from a numerous family of beetles, which unites about 50 thousand species, common on all continents. It goes through 3 stages of development:

  1. The larva is thick creamy worms, yellowish in color, bent with the letter "c". A characteristic feature is the presence of bristles running throughout the body. At the same time, the head is brown, solid.
  2. Pupa - has the rudiments of legs and wings, the body is exactly the same.
  3. Adult beetles are generally up to 1 mm in length, less often up to 5 mm (distinguishable by the eye). They can be both spherical and diamond-shaped, elongated. The color is varied - from yellow and brown to red and black. There is a long trunk, from which the pest got its name.

The main signs of the appearance of a weevil on strawberries:

  • numerous small (up to 2 mm) holes on the sheet plates;
  • drying and falling of buds;
  • damage to the bases of the petioles of buds;
  • fruits of irregular shape.

What does a strawberry weevil do

Insects feed on juices, the green mass of strawberries, and the larvae suck the liquid from the roots. This takes away the strength of the plant and inhibits its development. Therefore, when the first signs of damage from pests appear, you need to get rid of. It is better to do this before bud formation, since females lay eggs in flowers.

Is it possible to process strawberries from weevils

It is possible and necessary to treat bushes from insects. For preventive purposes, this is done in spring and autumn. In summer, spraying is carried out only when pests appear:

  • before the formation of buds with folk remedies;
  • during flowering with chemicals;
  • during fruiting - biological insecticides.

It is imperative to get rid of the weevil on strawberries, otherwise the yield will noticeably decrease

When to process strawberries from weevils

It is imperative that deadlines are met when planning processing. Usually this procedure is performed in two cycles - in spring and autumn. However, in case of emergency (a large invasion has appeared), spraying is done in the summer, even before the berries appear. If the fruits have already set, chemical agents should not be used.

When to process strawberries from weevils in spring

Spring processing is carried out in the second half of April. The garden is cleaned, last year's tops are removed, the soil is loosened, the plants are watered. After that, mulch is laid and sprayed with solutions according to folk recipes or biological preparations.

When to process strawberries from weevils in the fall

Autumn processing of strawberries from weevils is carried out after harvesting - there are no strict deadlines. All damaged leaves are pre-cut, after which they are sprayed once with a chemical preparation or twice with a biological or folk remedy.

How to process and how to deal with a weevil on strawberries in spring, summer and autumn

To get rid of weevils on strawberries, a variety of methods are used. In the early stages (before flowering), folk remedies help, during budding - chemicals. If the fruits have already appeared, it is better to use only biological products. Moreover, after processing, the berries can be harvested only after 3-5 days.

Chemical preparations for weevil on strawberries

If a weevil appeared on a strawberry during flowering and fruiting, it has already managed to lay eggs. Therefore, getting rid of insects by simply scaring them away with folk remedies (for example, fragrant herbs) will not work. In these cases, the most effective means are used - chemical insecticides:

  • "Decis";
  • "Spark double effect";
  • Green Soap;
  • "Fufanon";
  • "Alatar";
  • "Commander";
  • "Medvetox".

"Decis" and other chemicals can get rid of pests in 1-2 days

Biological insecticides from weevil on strawberries

You can also water strawberries from a weevil with solutions based on biological preparations (insecticides and insectoacaricides):

  • Fitoverm;
  • "Vertimek";
  • Akarin;
  • Iskra-Bio;
  • "Spinosad".

The drugs act on insects gradually, the first results are noticeable after 4–5 days. Therefore, spraying is carried out 2 times a week until the complete destruction of the pest. If the situation is not running, two procedures are enough to get rid of insects. The advantage of biological insecticides is that they can be used at any stage of development, including during flowering and fruiting.

Agrotechnical control methods

Agrotechnical methods of combating weevils on strawberries provide for the creation of the right conditions for growing berries:

  • careful digging of the beds on the eve of planting;
  • regular cleaning of the field from weeds, in which weevils and other pests accumulate;
  • burning grass and foliage on the site.

It is not recommended to plant the berry next to raspberry bushes. Periodic change of the planting site (every 3 years, it is desirable to carry out work in the fall) will help to avoid the massive spread of pests.

Plants that repel weevils

Insects are scared away by the smells of fragrant plants:

  • marigold;
  • garlic;
  • basil;
  • mint;
  • rosemary;
  • tobacco;
  • issol;
  • lavender;
  • lemon sage;
  • common tansy;
  • lemon balm.

Advice! For greater effect, you can break several branches and spread them along the garden bed.

It is also allowed to grind the green mass and pour the resulting gruel next to the bushes.

Setting traps

Weevil pheromone traps contain substances that attract insects to reproduce. Such devices consist of moisture-resistant (laminated) cardboard, which is attached near the garden with a metal wire. Inside the case is a dispenser that releases pheromones.

Pheromone and glue traps allow you to get rid of insects

How to get rid of a weevil on strawberries with folk remedies

Folk methods help to eliminate the weevil on strawberries after several treatments. Solutions, infusions or decoctions do not act as quickly as chemical preparations, but they are completely safe for plants, beneficial insects and humans. They contain odorous substances that repel the weevil. Therefore, it is better to carry out processing even before flowering (the deadline is at the time of bud formation).

Treatment of strawberries with ammonia from a weevil

Ammonia (ammonia solution) can be purchased at any pharmacy. The tool is quite effective, so only two tablespoons are taken in a bucket of water. Stir and start processing from the weevil. Since ammonia has a very pungent smell, it is best to work with a mask.

Advice! Ammonia can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide (the ratio is the same). Unlike ammonia, it does not have a pungent odor.

Treatment of strawberries with boric acid from a weevil

Boric acid is a fairly effective and safe remedy for weevil on strawberries. It is better to get rid of the pest even before flowering, because then the crop may be lost. Acid is bought at a pharmacy. It is a white powder. It is enough to take 1.5–2 g for a bucket of water (at the tip of a teaspoon). It is good to add 15 drops of pharmaceutical iodine and 30 drops of birch tar to the solution. Mix everything and process the strawberry planting.

Attention! Boric acid is used for foliar (before flowering) and root (during early fruiting) processing.

It is also an excellent tool for killing aphids and ants - pests that help each other survive.

How to Get Rid of Weevil on Strawberries Using Wood Ash

Wood ash is a versatile remedy for getting rid of weevils and other insects on strawberries. It is a source of valuable mineral compounds, including phosphorus and potassium. To destroy the beetles, it is necessary to scatter the powder directly over the surface of the garden bed, and also to powder the bushes abundantly. The processing of strawberries from weevils with wood ash is carried out during the formation of buds, as well as after harvesting (as a preventive measure).

Wood ash helps get rid of insects in 4-5 days

Kill Weevil with Mustard Powder

You can eliminate weevils with powdered mustard. It is bought at a pharmacy and dissolved in water in an amount of 100 g per 3 liters or 330 g per standard bucket. It is better to dissolve it in a warm, but not hot liquid, then mix thoroughly and start spraying strawberries from the weevil.

Attention! You need to work so that the solution does not get into the eyes. It is advisable to use safety glasses.

How to get rid of a weevil with iodine

If weevils appear on the strawberries, it is recommended to process the bushes with an alcohol solution of iodine, which can be bought at the pharmacy. To do this, add two teaspoons of the substance to 10 liters of water, stir thoroughly and start spraying.

Onion peel for weevil destruction

Another universal, proven remedy is onion peel. Cleaning is taken in any amount, for example, 100 g per 1 liter of hot water. Insist day and filter. If possible, you can immediately add 50 g of chopped celandine. It is also used as a separate tool.

Advice! If there is not enough husk, you can take onions. To do this, grind 2 medium-sized root crops and add to 1 liter of warm water. This mixture is insisted for a day and filtered.

How to get rid of a weevil with garlic

To kill the insect, both cloves and green arrows of garlic are suitable. They are thoroughly crushed and poured with 100 g of a mixture of 10 liters of water, insisted for a day. You can also prepare according to another recipe (for autumn processing) - dry the garlic arrows in advance, chop them, take 100 and also pour a bucket of water at room temperature.

Weevil soap solution

To get rid of the pest, you can use an infusion of household (preferably 72%) or tar soap. It is crushed with a coarse grater, take a teaspoon of shavings (with a slide) for each liter of water. Warm up a little (but do not bring to a hot state), stir and insist for a day. Pour into a spray bottle and start the procedure.

Advice! Soap solution can be used as the main and additional remedy for weevil.

It is added to any other solutions. Then the active substances will stay on the surface of leaves and stems longer, even in rainy and windy weather.

How to get rid of a weevil with tobacco dust

The tobacco plant is often planted next to strawberries and other crops. It is also used in the form of dust, which is taken in the amount of 2 glasses (total 400 ml) and dissolved in a bucket of hot, but not boiling water for 3 days. Stir, filter and start working.

Tobacco dust helps eliminate pests

Chili peppers from weevil

A good poison that allows you to get rid of weevils on strawberries is chili peppers. It contains capsaicin and other "burning" substances that destroy pests. For work, you need to take only the pods, peel them of seeds and cut them into small pieces (it is better to make a powder). Take 100 g and pour 1 liter of water at room temperature, then filter and bring the total volume to 10 liters.

Infusion of marigolds from weevil

Marigolds, allowing you to get rid of the pest, grow in almost every garden. After the end of flowering, you can cut off the petals and the green part, grind and fill with warm, but not hot water (10 liters per 300-400 g). You need to withstand 3 days. You can also pour boiling water, then let it cool and insist for several days.

How to get rid of a weevil with baking soda

Even baking soda will help get rid of the weevil, especially in the early stages of its appearance. A tablespoon of powder is poured into 1 liter of water (accordingly, 10 tbsp. L will be required per bucket), mix and start work.

Important! Since baking soda dissolves well in water and rolls off the leaves quickly, especially in windy and rainy weather, it is recommended to add a few tablespoons of crushed laundry or tar soap to the working solution.

Frequent mistakes and pest prevention

It is extremely important to get rid of the pest, as it can cause significant harm, which will lead to deformation of the fruit and significant loss of yield.

One of the common mistakes is related to the violation of terms - summer residents tend to use folk remedies without resorting to chemistry. But if you process strawberries from a weevil during flowering, there will be no effect, since the pests will already have time to lay eggs in flowers. In this case, you still have to use special drugs.

Plants are processed in the early morning or late evening, or during the day in cloudy weather. Otherwise, the bright rays of the sun will burn the leaves and stems. Also, do not spray in strong wind and rain.

In the case of the use of chemical and even biological products, the crop can be harvested only after the waiting period has expired - usually at least 3-5 days.

It is extremely important to follow preventive measures in order to prevent the invasion of pests (getting rid of them is more difficult than preventing them). To do this, the fragrant plants listed above are planted next to the plantings. The berries are grown using black agrofibre, they constantly loosen the soil and mulch the soil (sawdust, peat, needles can be used).

Marigolds and other scented plants will also help get rid of beetles.


Fighting weevils on strawberries is not so difficult, especially if you use proven and effective remedies. They need to be applied not uncontrollably, but on schedule. In this case, it is better not to abuse chemicals. They help to quickly get rid of the pest, but they should be used no more than twice a season.

Reviews on how to get rid of weevil on strawberries

Julia, 48 years old, Samara

Getting rid of annoying weevils is not so difficult, the main thing here is not to run. In April, when it gets warm, be sure to clear the beds and loosen the soil. Then they are treated with "Fitoverm", it acts gently, in contrast to aggressive chemistry. And in May, they must be sprayed with an infusion of marigolds or wood ash.

Irina Petrovna, 56 years old, Abakan

I get rid of weevils with folk remedies. Although I do not refuse biological products such as "Fitoverma" and "Akarina" - they are not dangerous even for bees. But in the early years of cultivation, when there was no experience, chemistry was used to get rid of the beetles. Now the scheme is as follows: two treatments in the spring and one in the fall with "Fitoverm" for prevention.

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