Mounted snow blower for walk-behind tractor

Motoblocks of the Neva brand have long gained popularity among private users. Hardy machinery is used for almost all agricultural work. In winter, the unit will be converted into a snow blower, which will quickly help to cope with clearing the area from snow drifts. To do this, you need to assemble a hinge with your own hands or buy it in a store. Depending on the brand, the factory snow blower for the Neva walk-behind tractor differs in size and performance.

Factory made snow plow models

All auger snow blowers for Neva walk-behind tractors have a similar design. Most of them can be used as a hitch for cultivators of the same brand.

Model MB-2

Let's start the review of the equipment with a factory-made snow blower for the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor. Many people think that this is what snowplows are called. In fact, MB 2 is a walk-behind tractor model. The snow blower is used as an attachment. MB 2 is suitable for other Neva walk-behind tractors and motor-cultivators. The design of the small-sized nozzle is simple. The auger is housed inside the metal casing. Welded screw bands are used as knives. Snow is ejected to the side through the sleeve. The width of the snow cover is 70 cm, and its thickness is 20 cm. The snow throwing range reaches 8 m. The nozzle weighs no more than 55 kg.

Important! When working with the attachment, the Neva walk-behind tractor should move at a speed of 2 to 4 km / h.

The video shows the work of the MB 2 model:

Model CM-0.6

The equally popular model of the CM 0.6 snow blower for the Neva walk-behind tractor differs from the MB 2 in the design of the auger. Here it is presented as a set of blades that resemble a heap of fan impellers. The toothed auger easily handles hard snow as well as icy crust. In terms of dimensions, this mounted snow blower for Neva walk-behind tractors is more compact than the MB 2 model, but its performance has not decreased from this.

Snow discharge is similarly carried out through the sleeve to the side at a distance of up to 5 m. The width of the snow cover is 56 cm, and its maximum thickness is 17 cm. The nozzle weighs a maximum of 55 kg. While working with a snow blower, the Neva walk-behind tractor moves at a speed of 2–4 km / h.

The video shows the operation of the CM 0.6 model:

Models SMB-1 and SMB-1m

Snow plows Neva SMB-1 and SMB-1m differ in the design of the working mechanism. The SMB-1 model is equipped with a screw with a screw tape. The cover grip width is 70 cm, and its height is 20 cm. Snow is ejected through the sleeve at a distance of 5 m. The weight of the nozzle is 60 kg.

The attachment for the Neva SMB-1m walk-behind tractor is equipped with a toothed auger. The capture width is 66 cm, and the height is 25 cm. Snow is ejected through the sleeve in the same way at a distance of 5 m. Equipment weight - 42 kg.

Important! Motoblock Neva, when working with both models of snow blowers, must move at a speed of 2 to 4 km / h.

The video shows the SMB snow blower:

The device of factory and homemade snow blowers

Any snow blower for a walk-behind tractor is a hitch and has almost the same structure. It can be auger and combined. Attachments for auger-type walk-behind tractors are called single-stage. The construction of the snowplow consists of a metal casing with an auger inside. During rotation, it grabs the snow with screw knives and throws it out through the outlet sleeve.

A combination snow blower is called a two-stage snow thrower. It consists of a similar screw mechanism, plus a rotor with an impeller is additionally fixed to it. He is the second step. The snow crushed by the auger falls inside the snail, where the rotor impeller is located. It additionally grinds the mass with blades, mixes it with air, and then throws it out through the outlet hose.

According to the same principle, craftsmen make a homemade snow blower for a walk-behind tractor of any brand. There are also purely rotary snow blowers for the Neva walk-behind tractor, assembled by hand. They consist of one fan. Such models are unproductive and are only suitable for cleaning loose, freshly fallen snow. The fan blades will not take over the caked cover.

Craftsmen do not collect snowplows with their own hands for fun. First, the big savings. In the store, such a hinge is expensive. Secondly, with your own hands you can fold the structure that best suits your requirements.

Installation of a hinge plate on a Neva walk-behind tractor

Snow-removing attachments are connected to a special trailer unit located on the frame of the traction unit. The order of chaining looks like this:

  • The trailed unit is a metal bracket attached to the frame of the walk-behind tractor. To hitch the units, the pin is removed from the bracket, after which the snow plow is attached. The assembly is securely fixed with two bolts.
  • On the walk-behind tractor, the pulley on the power take-off shaft is covered with a casing. This protection must be removed. A similar pulley rests on the snowplow attachment. To provide the drive, they are put on a V-belt. The adjusting mechanism is used to achieve the required tension. The belt must not slip on the pulleys.
  • When the drive is fully adjusted, the protection is put in place. The whole mechanism is turned by hand to make sure that there is no friction between the rotating parts and the body.

The hitch is ready. It will stay in this state all winter while there is a need for snow removal. It is only necessary to periodically check the belt tension.

Safety during work

There is nothing complicated in working with a snow plow attachment. However, you need to adhere to a number of rules, more aimed at observing personal safety:

  • Before starting the engine of the Neva, it is necessary to check all important components. These include the hitch, drive, auger. There should be no loose bolts or loose parts. The auger must be turned by hand. If he walks easily and does not rub anything anywhere, you can start the engine.
  • The movement begins smoothly at a speed of about 2 km / h. On flat and long sections, you can accelerate to 4 km / h, but no more.
  • Snow is ejected through the discharge arm with great force. The guide visor must be correctly adjusted so that the flying mass does not harm passers-by and the windows of buildings.
  • If a stone or a large block of ice accidentally falls into the bucket, the auger may jam. In this case, the unit should be stopped, the motor should be turned off and the mechanism should be cleaned.


Snow plows for Neva walk-behind tractors will not cause any difficulties for users. You just need to slowly figure out their device, and in the future you can even repair them yourself. To summarize, let's read the reviews of users who own the Neva walk-behind tractor and snow blower.

Vladimir Ivanovich, 56 years old

It is difficult for a villager to cope without equipment. I have been using a Neva motoblock for 3 years, and I bought an SMB-1 snow plow attachment last season. Technique is a beast. During the winter I never took a shovel in my hands. Cleans snow from the yard in minutes.

Alexey Petrovich, 43 years old, Novosibirsk

I have a MB 2 walk-behind tractor with a snow blower. The technique has never failed. I use the attachment every winter. No breakdowns yet. For 3 years of work, I have not even changed the belt.

Watch the video: The MUSKOX Snowblower (January 2022).

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