Row pink: photo and description

The pink row (violet) belongs to the Lepista genus, the family is Ryadovkovye. The Latin name is Lepista irina. In some sources, the mushroom belongs to the Govorushka genus. The Ryadovkovy family includes a large number of edible and poisonous species, which can only be understood by experienced lovers of quiet hunting.

Where pink rows grow

The species is distributed throughout Europe, found in the vastness of North America. In Russia, the mushroom can be found in the North: Khabarovsk, Primorsky Territory, Amur Region. Lepista pink prefers coniferous forests with sandy soil. It can rarely be found in mixed or deciduous forests, city parks, and gardens.

The violet row (lepistairina) grows in large groups, families located in a row. Thanks to this fact, the species got its name.

Important! Mushrooms begin to be harvested from mid-August, fruiting lasts until the end of October.

What do the rows of pink look like?

The cap grows up to 15 cm in diameter. In young specimens, it is rounded, later becomes bell-shaped, in overripe specimens, it is prostrate, uneven, fleshy. The edges are torn, wavy. The surface of the cap is flat, smooth, velvety, dry in any weather. The center is darker than the edges. The skin is white with a slight pink tint; over time, it can turn reddish and even brown.

The leg is thin, uneven, up to 11 cm long, more widened towards the bottom than under the cap. The color is white, pale pink, thickness is not more than 2 cm.

The pulp is tough, fibrous, firm and fleshy, white in color. Wateriness may appear in rainy weather.

The plates are thin, densely located, adherent to the pedicle. In young rows, they are white, later they become pale pink or cream.

Is it possible to eat pink rows

The mushroom is edible, edible after heat treatment. It is not dangerous for a person. Lepista has a specific aroma that resembles a floral, violet.

Taste qualities

The pulp is dense and tough, often tasteless in young mushrooms. Overripe fruiting bodies have a sweetish taste and floral aroma. Some sources indicate that the mushroom has a corn smell.

Benefits and harm to the body

The pink row is used as a natural, non-animal source of protein. There is information about light poisoning after the fungus. Experts explain this by collecting fruits from roads and near chemical plants.

False doubles of a row of violet

Lepista is an edible, safe species for humans, but it has poisonous counterparts. It is important to remember their description, as they often grow side by side.

Smoky talker

The shape and size of the mushroom is completely similar to the pink ryadovka. The main difference is the ash-gray color of the cap. The talker's leg has a whitish, dense coating. The mushroom has a pungent aroma, reminiscent of the smell of soap or perfume. Often talkers and ryadovki grow nearby, it is easy to confuse them. The double of the pink ryadovka belongs to the conditionally edible mushrooms of the 4th category, they are not recommended to be eaten.

Important! The fungus provokes indigestion, impaired respiratory function.

Leaf-loving talker

The fruiting body has a thinner stem than the pink row and a concave, funnel-shaped cap. The skin color is bright white, without any third-party shades.

Important! This species is deadly poisonous, collecting it is unacceptable. You need to remember what it looks like, as it grows next to a pink row.

Collection rules

The pink row is harvested at the end of summer, it is at the end of August that the peak of its fruiting occurs. You can find a mushroom in the glades between trees, where it forms mushroom paths or circles, which are popularly called witch's rings. The collection is carried out on a warm day, after a long rain. It is better to put young small mushrooms in the basket, they are less tough.


Rose petal is eaten after pre-cooking for 20 minutes. The first mushroom broth must be drained. After heat treatment, the mushroom is salted, fried, pickled. You can prepare a row for the winter by drying or freezing it.


Pink ryadovka is an edible mushroom with a specific aroma, which is noticeable even after heat treatment. The species grows everywhere in deciduous and mixed forests. He has several dangerous, poisonous counterparts. Before picking, it is important for novice mushroom pickers to carefully study the photo and description of the pink row, so as not to confuse it with inedible species.

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