Hanging chair: varieties and DIY

Self-made hanging chairs are a very fashionable, individual and stylish accessory of any room. They can be hanging or mounted, and also differ in a variety of shapes and sizes. Before you start manufacturing such a hanging chair, you need to study all the necessary information about the sizes and shapes, as well as structural elements, to do a truly high-quality thing.

Of course, this is not the easiest thing, but if you approach the process correctly and with enthusiasm, then from the first attempt you can achieve amazing results.

Varieties of hanging chairs

It is very simple to purchase a ready-made metal chair, which will only need to be suspended from the ceiling or any other strong structure. But it’s very easy to make such an assembly yourself, you only need to study the approximate drawings and get acquainted with the main types:

  • A wicker chair that hangs from the ceiling.
  • "Bubble" having a spherical shape.
  • Chair hammock. Frameless hanging model made of dense and good fabrics.
  • Openwork chair in the shape of an egg or cocoon.

Typically, hanging models are attached to ceiling structures or to a wooden beam. But in recent years, such devices have also been manufactured that can be mounted on a special metal stand. If there is a need to replace such a chair on a regular chair, then there will be no problems. The frame is very easily removed from the cables and fixed on the floor.

Such designs have a lot of advantages:

  • Mobility. You can put a chair in any room of the apartment, as well as in the open air.
  • You can detach the chair from the rack and hang it from the ceiling.

For wicker patterns, rattan or vine is usually used, and they also create a special form of transparent acrylic and plastic. It will be a very rigid body, so it can be easily operated and supplemented with various decorative pillows or small mattresses.

If you make or buy a hammock chair, then you should know that this is a softer version of the design, and therefore can be attributed to a more popular model.

And there are also varieties that are closed on several sides by wicker walls. This model is called a cocoon. It is ideal for solitude and to abstract from the external environment. This is the best variant in order to get in the chair with a book and forget about the daily bustle.

If you replace the vine and traditional rattan, you can get a quieter flexible design. To do this, you need to purchase various modern synthetic materials, characterized by great strength and reliability.

DIY chair making

In order for the chair to fit perfectly into the interior of the living room, you need to choose the right version of the design. It is necessary to examine the landscape and the adjacent territory in order to make a choice appropriate to the environment.

The simplest option is to use a hoop to create a fabric or wicker pattern based on it. Home models are designed for use in some kind of room, and therefore you can select materials that are not resistant to frost or various weather changes.

Garden or outdoor structures should possess precisely such qualities, since they will constantly be in the open air.

Such chairs are attached to various floors or beams. Materials need to be used the most stable and better to use rattan, metal or plastic.

Cocoon on a rack

Can be used any manufacturing technique, but it is desirable to use wood or metal as materials. It will be a good, reliable and high-quality foundation. If you take natural linen, then this material will be quite practical during operation, and it can be washed in a regular machine, and therefore it is these materials that are most often used for home use.

Materials required for manufacturing:

  • Oak stick.
  • A few meters long fabric.
  • Reliable rope.
  • A carbine to be used as a mount.

To make a cocoon chair, you need to familiarize yourself with the drawings and observe the approximate dimensions:

  • The width of the cocoon is 800 mm.
  • The width of the entire structure is 1000 mm.
  • Construction height - 1950 mm.
  • The height of the cocoon is 1330 mm.
  • The depth of the cocoon is 790 mm.

Prepare a good sewing machine, as well as acrylic paints that can be used for fabric, and do not forget about the brush. It is also advisable to have a drill on hand and drills, a marker or pencil, a centimeter or a ruler, as well as sharp scissors and an iron, which can steam the material.

Creating a fabric model:

  1. We bend in half and measure 180 mm from the upper right corner.
  2. From this place we draw a line towards the bottom of the fabric material. It should be a triangle.
  3. Carefully cut it out, and deploy a piece of fabric.
  4. We bend 1.5 cm of the upper edge and fix the fabric in this position using a hot iron.
  5. The fold is well stitched along the bottom of the strip.
  6. We make rope pockets and thread the rope into them on each side.
  7. The corners are now bent by 40 mm and ironed well, and then we begin to sew.
  8. The same process must be repeated from the back of the fabric.
  9. On a wooden shelf, measure the distance of 50 mm and 100 mm, and then drill holes.
  10. Now with the help of acrylic paint we apply arbitrary patterns for decorating the chair.
  11. Now you only need to make a good knot on one stretched rope, but leave a segment for threading through the pocket on the seat.
  12. We tie the second knot to a distance of 80 mm, after which we thread the rope through the second hole. The same operation should be carried out with a second mounting pocket. On hooks it is necessary to attach several carbines and hang the finished chair on a high-quality surface.

To fix the chair, it is best to use ready-made racks that have a circular platform, which is very mobile. The axial version will involve mounting the chair not only to the ceiling, but also it can be attached to the floor. This option is the most convenient and safe, and therefore often used for installation in a children's room.

Hoop hammock

To make such a design, you should have the basic technique of weaving, which is called macrame. In this case, it will be possible to make a chair very simple. But first you need to prepare materials and tools:

  • A metal hoop to be used for seating. Diameter - 70 cm with a cross section of 35 mm.
  • Metal hoop for the back. We take a diameter of 110 cm with a cross section of 35 mm.
  • Good and durable polyamide cord. It will take 900 m.
  • Synthetic sling - 12 m.
  • A few thick cords to be used in connecting the rings.
  • Wooden rod.
  • Sharp scissors, work gloves and tape measure.

Manufacturing process:

  1. The hoop must be wrapped so that the cord covers the entire surface as tightly as possible. Typically, cord consumption is about 40 meters per meter of surface to be coated.
  2. To improve the density of the coating, after 20 turns we make a standard tightening with effort, this will allow you to get a very good density, as well as maximum flatness of the surface.
  3. Weaving mesh we use any macrame technique. Professionals recommend using a pattern called “flat knot checkerboard”. This weaving should be done with a double cord of polyamide, and fixed with a double knot. To create a certain decorative effect, then at the ends of the nodes you can make a fringe.
  4. The last stage is the final assembly of the structure. All hoops that have been pre-braided are combined using a cord winding. From the edge opposite the winding, several wooden rods are installed that will serve as a support for the back. The length can be completely arbitrary, and it is chosen depending on the individual preferences and characteristics of the complexion of each person. We also weave the backrest in an arbitrary order, but we start from the very top and gradually lower ourselves to the seat. We attach slings to the finished product, and then we hang it.

Ceiling Mount

There are several practical and convenient options that you can use to fix the chair to the ceiling. A standard hook is the best and most popular option. But it must be remembered that such a fastening can only be safe if the ceiling part is not a hollow ceiling. The ceiling should be made of solid concrete.

Before you begin fixing, you need to make sure that the ceiling can withstand the necessary weight. If there is not too reliable overlap, then it is better to use other methods of fastening, which can withstand the weight. It is for such purposes that modern mounting tires are used, which are installed on a fragment of the base ceiling, and are also mounted around the perimeter of the room. Such a system is very often used in order to distribute the entire load that will fall on the structure.

There is another option that is not the most common. It is possible to mount using a chemical anchor. In this case, the ceiling will be treated with a syringe with a special paste-like polymer composition into which the suspended structure will be attached. After the composition hardens, there will be a strong fixation of all elements.

But do not overestimate the strength of your ceiling. If in doubt, it is best to use a different place for mounting.

General recommendations

Hanging chairs were popular in the last century, when a Danish designer invented such a design. The chair has undergone numerous changes, but has not lost its relevance.

If you have some needlework skills, and the master will observe all the necessary technologies, then you can independently make such unusual, but popular decoration elements that will appeal to absolutely all households (even pets).

A similar design can be placed almost anywhere in the house or on the street. A great location would be a gazebo on the street or a space under a large tree. When choosing the second option, you can create a great place where any member of the family will be able to hide in the summer from the scorching sun and relax by reading an interesting book.

The scope for creativity is truly great, you just need to turn on your imagination and read the instructions. A swing-nest will be very easy to make on your own if you first look at special workshops, which are very numerous on the Internet. This will be an easy way to learn, because experienced people will clearly demonstrate everything. It only remains to be repeated, and soon a hammock chair will be expected at home or in the household yard. With your own hands you can build everything very high quality and beautifully.

And if there is absolutely no desire to do manual labor, then you can always go to the store and buy, for example, a hanging chair in Ikea. The network of these stores is large, and therefore probably exists in almost all cities at the moment. There you can find absolutely any type of hanging rocking chair (round, cocoon-shaped) that will satisfy the demands of absolutely any buyer who wants to create a cozy place for relaxation in his house. Such a thing is also a very original gift to a loved one who will certainly like it.

Hanging chair

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