When and how to plant aquilegia seeds at home

When and how to plant aquilegia seeds at home

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Beautiful, variegated and varied aquilegia adorns many flower beds and flower beds. The flower is so ancient that you can see it in art paintings from the Middle Ages. Also, mentions of him are found in the famous works of Shakespeare. Among the people, the flower is known as a catchment and for a reason, because its name comes from such Latin words as "water" and "collect". This spectacular flower will be able to adequately decorate any garden and it is not at all difficult to grow it yourself. You can sow aquilegia with seeds both in early spring and in autumn, before winter.

Aquilegia is the embodiment of beauty and variety of colors, flowers which are admired and grown with pleasure by many gardeners.

Description of aquilegia seeds + photo

Aquilegia belongs to the genus of herbaceous perennial plants of the Buttercup family. It has numerous flowers of an original shape, with characteristic spurs and a rather unusual color. After their flowering, fruits (multileaf) are tied on the bush. They look like small boxes with a large number of compartments in which the seeds ripen.

Attention! Aquilegia seeds are poisonous, so all work with them should be done with care. It is also necessary to prevent access to them by children and other family members who are not aware of their health risks.

Aquilegia seeds are glossy, shiny, black

The nuances of growing seedlings

Planting aquilegia seeds is the easiest and most effective way to reproduce. It can be carried out in spring or autumn. At the same time, the timing of sowing aquilegia for seedlings will differ. In spring, it is preferable to cultivate seedlings, and in autumn, seeds can be sown directly into the ground.

How to sow aquilegia seedlings

You can sow aquilegia for seedlings in the open (directly on the beds). The option of sowing in closed ground, in seedling boxes is possible.

When to plant aquilegia seedlings

In spring, the optimal time for sowing aquilegia seeds for seedlings is March-April, immediately after the snow melts. Autumn planting is recommended in late August or early September.

Translated from Latin "Aquigelia" means "a plant that collects water", other names for the flower are eagle, boots, elf shoes, doves, bell

The choice of capacity and preparation of the soil

Before planting aquilegia for seedlings, the soil should be prepared in advance. To do this, it is necessary to mix sand, turf soil and leaf humus in equal proportions (1: 1: 1). Then the planting containers are filled with the prepared substrate and slightly tamped. This is done approximately 24 hours before sowing.

It is best to sow aquilegia seeds for seedlings in deep boxes, because the plant has a taproot system, a correspondingly long root.

Is stratification of aquilegia seeds necessary?

Quality seeds do not need pre-sowing preparation. Purchased planting material often has poor germination and therefore needs stratification. With autumn sowing, this will happen naturally, under the influence of winter low temperatures.

Aquilegia stratification at home

1-1.5 months before sowing, the storage temperature of the seeds must be reduced to 0 ° C. This procedure is called hardening or stratification. You can stratify aquilegia seeds in the refrigerator. At the same time, they are cooled for a month in a container with wet peat or sand. They can also be wrapped in a damp, but not overly wet cloth.

Elevated temperatures affect the seed in a similar way. Seeds can be placed in a thermostat at 35 ° C 30 days before planting.

How to plant aquilegia seeds for seedlings

Sowing aquilegia seeds for seedlings in the autumn has its own tricks:

  • planting work must begin immediately after collecting planting material;
  • sowing is carried out by scattering seeds over the soil surface;
  • fence the landing area with planks or place any container without a bottom above it;
  • cover crops for the winter with covering material;
  • in the spring, after 3-4 leaves appear on the seedlings, they are transplanted to a permanent place.

In spring, aquilegia can be sown with seeds for seedlings. At the same time, seed material is scattered onto the previously prepared soil mixture. It is recommended to sow seeds quite thickly. Then the crops are slightly pressed by hand (rolled) and sprinkled with soil, previously sifted through a sieve, to a height of 3 mm. The surface soil layer is moistened from above with a sprayer and covered with plastic wrap or glass, creating a greenhouse effect. Seed boxes are placed in a lighted place.

How to grow aquilegia from seeds at home

Sowing aquilegia for seedlings at home is quite simple, the main thing is to remember that this flower does not like special excesses. Lighting should be moderate, the soil should not be overdried or waterlogged. The implementation of these recommendations will allow you to grow healthy seedlings, which will quickly grow, and will delight you with their flowering next year.


Crops of aquilegia need to create comfortable conditions:

  • the temperature regime must be maintained at the level of + 15-17 ° С;
  • seedlings should be shaded from direct sunlight;
  • watering should be small-drop (from a spray bottle).

Watering and feeding schedule

The first shoots appear in 7-14 days, after which it is necessary to remove the glass or film. Further care of the seedlings consists in timely watering and feeding. It is necessary to water crops carefully and in moderation, avoiding waterlogging. Otherwise, root rot may develop and the seedlings will die.


After the first pair of true leaves appear in the seedlings, they must be dived into the loamy soil rich in nutrients. You can roughly transplant at the end of April. Do not delay the picking process, as the root system will be exposed to unnecessary trauma. A timely transplanted aquilegia will not hurt and will take root much faster. It is recommended to dive seedlings in the morning or evening.

It is best to use peat pots or disposable (paper) cups for picking so that when transplanting seedlings to a permanent place, the root system is less damaged

Transfer to the ground

Seedlings can be transplanted to a permanent place after the threat of recurrent frosts has passed and the soil warms up enough (up to + 15 ° C). You should focus on mid to late May. You can not transplant the seedlings immediately to a permanent place, but send them for growing (until the end of summer or until the spring of next year), and then plant them in flower beds.

Advice! Plants placed for growing, and then transplanted, will get sick twice, so experienced gardeners recommend immediately planting seedlings in a permanent place.

Collection and storage of seeds

It is recommended to start harvesting aquilegia seeds in August, before they spill onto the ground. If necessary, you can dry them indoors. It is not recommended to store seeds for more than 1 year. Sowing is best done immediately after harvest. If this is not possible, then store the seed in a cool place.

Attention! Aquilegia seeds quite easily wake up to the ground, just lightly squeezing the seed pod from several sides is enough. This can be prevented by putting cloth bags on the boxes.


As practice shows, sowing aquilegia with seeds is quite simple, and many amateur gardeners practice this successfully. The difficulty lies only in one thing - in obtaining plants identical to the mother from the seeds, so different varieties of catchments in a flower bed can be pollinated. But, having listened to all the advice and recommendations, every gardener will be able to act as a breeder, growing beautiful and original flowers in his garden, unlike any others.

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