Our Garden Rubin 10.0

NEW VERSION - “Our Garden Rubin 10.0“. This landscape modeling program is considered one of the best in the field of landscaping garden and summer cottages. It is a special planner with the help of which a garden plot of any complexity is designed.

Key features

  • Terrain relief
  • placement of plants, paths, lawns, fences and ponds;
  • viewing the condition of the site in a few years (when the plants grow) ”
  • 3D mode, viewing the site from any position;
  • full report at the end of the work.

A nice bonus to the planner will be an encyclopedia with descriptions of more than 15,000 plants and their photos, as well as tips on planting and caring for them. Other possibilities can be found on the official website of the program, where you can also find it. download.

Other parameters

Language: RU (Russian)

Cost: from 3500 rubles

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