DIY construction of gazebos from brick

One of the most popular among summer residents today is brick arbors, they have received such high popularity due to their reliability and durability.

Brick Building

The gazebo is installed on the street, whether it is a summer cottage or your own courtyard, so brick buildings with a barbecue will be an ideal option for you. Such structures have impeccable dignity in terms of safety of use. After all, even large sparks or coals falling out of the barbecue or barbecue will not be able to create a fire hazard situation.

Varieties of buildings

Structures of this type can be of a wide variety of shapes and designs. Brick gazebos with barbecue have a high degree of fire resistance, and are absolutely safe for the environment and humans. Brick and wood buildings for a summer cottage can be ordered, or can be made with your own hands. In this case, wooden elements are treated with various antiseptics, which significantly prolongs their service life, and positively affects the fire resistance of the structure as a whole. Fire resistance also depends on the type of wood.

The construction of gazebos made of bricks provides for many design solutions that you will choose according to your own taste and needs.

Barbecue with a gazebo in the country

Usually a soft roof is used for the roof, but there are options with metal tiles and even asbestos slate sheets. The gazebo should have a reliable roof, which should not allow the ingress of snow or moisture inside. When constructing a structure from a log, you will get thicker walls that will protect from cold winds, and if you build a building of brick with closed walls, then you can sit in it in the winter, if you have a brazier in it.

Design solutions

Pergolas from metal structures with forged elements look very aesthetically pleasing, and are becoming more and more popular. Putting a barbecue or barbecue inside became possible due to the fact that structures made of brick or metal are much more fireproof. The construction of buildings of this type, as a rule, takes more time, but the time costs are compensated in the future. The cost of forged buildings is higher than, say, wooden, but the service life and their reliability significantly exceed the latter. Gazebo in the garden with barbecue or barbecue will become a favorite gathering place for your whole family and dear friends.

They will be happy to come here again, and again enjoy relaxing in the fresh air. They will eat well-cooked tasty meat cooked over an open fire, and meetings at good companies will be remembered for a long time.

And how to build a gazebo out of brick, you can find enough information, and if you already have construction experience then even more so. Buildings of this type easily accommodate a brazier, a table, and the required number of chairs, but this should all be planned in advance. Another plus will be the possibility of using both in hot summers and in winter, since the brick has good protective properties in any weather.

The construction of arbors is usually entrusted to professional builders, but you can also build them yourself. The construction is being erected in accordance with a project that is approved or made by you. There is also the possibility of ordering a building according to individual design solutions, but it is up to you to decide, because any summer resident wants to embellish and diversify his own plot.

Construction of a gazebo with a barbecue made of bricks

Pergolas made of bricks in the country (20 photos)

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