Lecho for the winter with beans: a recipe

Each housewife has her own favorite lecho recipe. This preparation is prepared from ordinary summer-autumn vegetables. But there may be more interesting ingredients present. For example, many people like to cook this salad with zucchini or legumes. In this article, we will consider different options for cooking lecho with beans for the winter. Such a blank can even be used as a dressing for borscht. It is a versatile dish that can be eaten alone or in combination with various side dishes.

The classic version of cooking lecho for the winter with beans

Of course, the first step is to prepare all the components of the dish:

  • ripe tomatoes - 3.5 kilograms;
  • dry (preferably white) beans - 2.5 cups;
  • sweet bell pepper (you can take fruits of any color) - 2 kilograms;
  • sugar - 1 glass;
  • vegetable oil - 250 ml;
  • red hot pepper - to taste (1 piece or less);
  • salt - 2 tablespoons;
  • table vinegar - 2 tablespoons.

Attention! From this amount of ingredients, 5 liters of ready-made salad is obtained.

You can change the number of components depending on how much lecho you want to roll.

The beans should be well softened. To do this, it is placed in water for the whole night. In the morning it will be noticeable that the beans have greatly increased in size. Now it needs to be thoroughly rinsed in clean water. Then the beans are placed in a saucepan, poured with water and put on a small fire. There, it should be cooked without a lid for 30 minutes. Since beans are different, you need to make sure that they do not start to boil.

Now the beans are left to cool completely, and in the meantime they begin to prepare the remaining components. The bell peppers should be rinsed under cold water, the stem and core cut off, and all seeds removed. After that, the peppers are washed again in water and cut in any convenient way. These can be slices of various widths, cubes or half rings. The main thing is that the pepper is not too small. Now is the time to prepare the tomatoes. First of all, they need to be thoroughly washed and the stalks removed. Then the fruits should be crushed until smooth. To do this, you can use any method convenient for you.

Important! Many people use a blender or a conventional meat grinder to grind tomatoes.

Then tomato puree is poured into a clean (preferably enameled) saucepan and put on low heat. The mass should boil, after which salt and granulated sugar are added to it. Then the mixture is boiled for another 20 minutes. When this time has passed, bell peppers, cut into pieces, are added to the tomato puree and the mixture is boiled again for 15 minutes, stirring from time to time.

Now it's time for the main ingredient. You can put boiled beans in a saucepan. Immediately after it, vegetable oil is poured into the container. Lecho is boiled for 10 minutes, after which vinegar is added to the mass and the heat is immediately turned off. Lecho is poured into prepared containers and turned upside down with lids. Also, the jars must be wrapped in something warm and left until the salad cools completely. Lecho is stored in a cellar or other cool room.

Attention! All jars and lids must be sterilized before pouring the salad.

Lecho recipe with beans and eggplant

This version of lecho with beans for the winter is considered the most satisfying. It can be used as an independent side dish for meat dishes. Eggplant makes lecho even more spicy and delicious. Below we will consider a detailed recipe with a photo.

To prepare such a wonderful dish, we need:

  • ripe eggplants - 2 kilograms;
  • beans (dry) - about 3 cups;
  • tomatoes (preferably fleshy and juicy) - about 2 kilograms;
  • bell pepper (you can multi-colored) - 0.5 kilograms;
  • onions - 0.5 kilograms;
  • medium-sized carrots - 4 pieces;
  • garlic - about 0.2 kilograms;
  • hot red pepper (small) - 2 pcs. or less;
  • table vinegar 9% - 0.5 cups;
  • vegetable oil (preferably refined) - about 350 ml;
  • granulated sugar - a glass;
  • salt - 4 tbsp. l. with a slide.

The beans are soaked and boiled as in the previous recipe. Tomatoes are also ground with a kitchen blender or minced. The eggplants are washed and the stalks are removed. Then they are cut in any way. The main thing is that the cubes or slices are no more than 1 cm wide. Now sprinkle them with salt and leave for the salt to work for 30 minutes.

Important! Thanks to the salt, all the bitter taste will come out along with the excess liquid.

After 30 minutes have passed, you should rinse the eggplants again and dry them with a napkin or towel. Now proceed to the garlic. It should be peeled and grated. Some housewives put garlic through a press. Then the bitter pepper is crushed. Bell peppers are also stripped of seeds and stalks, and then the vegetable is cut into strips. Cut the onion into medium half rings.

It's time to start cooking. First of all, a mixture of tomato mass, hot peppers, sunflower oil, garlic, granulated sugar and salt is put on the fire. All this should boil for 3 minutes, after which all the remaining vegetables are added to the salad. In this form, the workpiece is stewed for at least 25 minutes over low heat. Now it's time to add the beans. With it, the salad should be cooked for another 5 minutes. Then table vinegar is poured into the mass and the heat is turned off.

Prepared sterilized jars are filled with salad and rolled up. Further, the containers should stand upside down until they cool completely. They are also covered with a warm blanket.

Important! From such a portion, no more than 5 liters of ready-made salad will turn out. The amount of ingredients can be changed as desired.


We saw 2 recipes for a delicious bean lecho salad for the winter. The same principle can be used to prepare a green bean salad. Such blanks turn out to be very satisfying and really tasty. So be sure to please your loved ones with these winter salads.

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