Ornamental plants in landscaping

Ornamental plants in landscape design occupy one of the leading roles. It is with their help that you can decorate the territory, arrange color accents, and diversify the design. Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of plants and their proper distribution over the site.

For many people, a summer cottage or a suburban area is the place for an active holiday or a weekend of work. Preparing the soil and planting plants, caring for the garden, lawn, shrubs and flowers, planting a variety of vegetables and berries, herbs and seasonings ... all this takes a lot of time and effort. But, no matter how you like to work in the country and get excellent results, you always want to relax. At this moment, I recall a gazebo in the cool of a beautiful garden, a small picnic on a clean green lawn, hot and aromatic barbecue in a remote area of ​​the site. And so that the whole vacation is accompanied by a good mood and cheerful atmosphere, there are not enough just vegetables and trees around, which only remind of hard work, there should also be nice ornamental plants on the site, which, at any moment, can change the mood for the better. If we talk about the design of not country houses, but the territories of country villas and cottages, then here, in general, the correct landscape design and the selection of plants for decoration are necessary.

Agree, no matter what the summer cottage is intended for, for labor and cultivation of certain products or for constant rest, its territory should be beautiful and completely in harmony with nature, and for this it is necessary to take care of the ornamental plants in the landscape.

Decorative trees in landscaping

So, we have determined that decorative plants are needed on each site, and a certain number of them will relate specifically to trees. Therefore, you should consider options for designing the territory and distribute decorative trees on the site. Most often, they are used to decorate the garden, surrounding areas, decorate fences, decorate recreational areas, and so on. Therefore, pay attention to those trees that are most suitable for this. You should not spend money on such plants if you are planning to arrange a large square or a forest belt at the dacha, you do not need to plant decorative trees at the edges, if your summer cottage is located in a forest. It is enough to arrange nearby areas where they can provide the plants with proper care and constantly enjoy their beauty. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material on decorative bamboo for a summer cottage.

Conifers in the garden landscape

Ornamental shrubs in landscaping

Ornamental shrubs in the suburban area are, most often, the delimiters of the territory, the so-called living fences, which are often decorated with a fence, paths in the garden, small patios and recreational areas, flower beds and water features. Planting such shrubs where there is high density, or away from the estate, is not worth it, there they will be completely left to fate and will not be able to make original adjustments to the landscape design. Try to find more correct solutions: design evergreen shrubs of recreation areas, arrangement of hedges, planting decorative shrubs on lawns to form a variety of shapes by cutting. An article about “Chinese lanterns” will be interesting.

Decorative flowers in landscaping

It will be wrong to forget about these plants, because there is not a single summer house or even the most strict suburban area where there would be no flowers. And now we are not talking about all the well-known tulips and daffodils, but about decorative plants that will help to decorate the territory, add certain shades and a special mood to it. With the help of flowers, you can do a lot - organize single plantings, collect them in flower beds, arrange original plantings on various landscape objects, ennoble the territory, fill the rest places with aroma. Such a design will not only fill the site with various colors, but will also lead you into the fairy-tale world of beautiful and joyful plants. That is how, having planted flowers on their own land for the first time, many summer residents become amateur gardeners or even professionals.

Ornamental plants in the landscape are very important, they not only bring color and aroma into the design, but, at times, make the site area more convenient and practical. In this case, everything depends only on the own requirements of the summer resident, the selected plants and the correctness of their distribution over the territory. We recommend reading the article on the rules for combining colors when composing landscape compositions.

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